Society Needs To Man Up

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Society itself
Is nothing more
Than a hypocrite
We see wrong doings
Shake our heads
And just walk away
Only to bitch about it
Later that day 
That it seems like
No one is doing 
About anything
As we sit on our asses 
Never bothering to think
Maybe we 
Should be 
The ones to get up
And help fix things

Not my problem
I don't want to 
Get involved
I didn't break it
Why should I fix it
All of these phrases 

Are why humanity 
Has gone to shit
Man up society
Either do something 
or shut it 

Verse 2
Man up
Step up
Speak up
And act like you
Actually give a fuck
About the world 
We live in
Being stuck
In a constant rut
Reach out a hand to help
And instead of 
Bitch and beat down
How about we start 
Helping and picking
Each other back up
Because the bullshit
We keep doing
Has gotten us 
Nothing but fucked
It's time we 
Manned the fuck up


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