The Chaos Of Us

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The patterns of life
Born in the chaos
Surrounding them
Making us all spiral
Out of control
Twisted by 
The surroundings
We have brought
On ourselves
They spin us around 
Like a twister 
Of chaotic energy
Only to spit us 
Down and out 
As we scream 
And shout 
With sanity 
Nowhere to be found
The patterns are broken
And frankly so are we

Living in fear 
Of the chaos bringers
We have allowed
To take control of the world
We fight each other
Instead of working together
Is it any wonder
Nothing ever seems
To get better

Verse 2
Broken and lost
Feeling like 
There is something
That we forgot
We live in chaos
That just won't stop
Fighting and destroying
Each other 
And the world 
Around us
Not stopping 
To realize
Just how fucked up
We have become
Never wanting
To be the one 
To fess up
And step up
We are a world
Of finger pointers
Blamers and whiners
Somehow missing 
That we are the reason
The chaos is winning


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