Lost Dreamers

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Another dream
Just as
Society prefers
Another dreamer
Crashes and burns
In this fucked up
Poor excuse 
Of a world
They didn't fit 
And just couldn't 
Understand it
If only they had
Figured out
They didn't fit 
Because they were
Meant to change it

Another fallen dreamer
The latest victim
Of a world
Convinced it 
Didn't want them here
If only they knew 
How much they needed him
More than he needed them

Verse 2
Forced to hide
Who they are
In a world
Drowning in fear
For reasons 
To an insanity 
Ridden society
That is unclear
Surrounded by 
Toxic minds
And tragic lives
Forced to put
A false face
Just face the world 
On a daily basis
They hate it
But can't escape it
They give up the fight
As another soul
Goes numb tonight


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