Nightmare World

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Lost in an

Endless sleep

We have become

A society

Of conformist sheep

Blind to the reality

We need to see

We focus on nothing

But the wrong thing

Over and over again

So fucking often

It has become

A mortal sin

Not that we care though

Can't care about

What we choose

Not to know

Congrats society

We are so broken down

That sanity is nowhere

To be found

And have nothing

But madness because

Of it to show



Lost in a nightmare

Of a world unfair

Pointing fingers

Spiraling downwards

Trapped in our own

Illusions and dreams

If only we would wake up

Just enough to see

The end that is approaching

Verse 2
Wakey wakey 
Reality calling
Too bad nobody 
Is ever listening 
As we keep on living
In a state of endless sleep 
We have convinced ourselves
Is somehow a good thing
Through life 
Blindly walking 
Believing in things
That mean nothing
Taught to us 
By those in power 
Living in nothing but greed
Caring not about 
Anybody elses needs
Controlling what we think
And what we see
If only we could just 
Wake up and see
Just how badly 

In our own insanity
We all are drowning



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