The Truth About Normal

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Normal is in 
The eye of the beholder
A social contruct 
That doesn't exist 
But somehow 
Makes us 
Self destruct
Lose ourselves
From the inside out

Just to fit 
Someones definition
Of what normal is

When in reality 
They are doing 
The exact 
Same thing

Normal is over rated
An insignificant
That only exists
In the minds 
Of the blind
Open your eyes
And let your
True self rise

Verse 2
Society screams at us
That fitting in
Will be glorious
When in reality
It is anything but
Wear this
Be that
And knocking us down
Until we are nothing

But a shell
And are living in hell
Our own minds 
Becoming our jail cells
As our social wardens 
Dictate who we 
Get to be today


Verse 3
Worst thing is

We ask for this 
We work for 
This fate 
Every single day
Buying into 
the bullshit

That things will be
Better this way
Just waiting 
And praying 
On the inside 
That someone 
Will stand up
And finally say
Enough of this madness
And finally free us
From this ridiuclous
Social prison


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