The Truth Of Our Toxicity

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

The world is so toxic

It's down right


Racist bullshit

Still spread across

The headlines

Like a disease

That will

Just never die

As everyone

Just stands around

Still asking why

Always accusations

Of lies from both sides

No one ever

Seeing eye to eye

No wonder

We have yet

To get shit right


A planet
Out of its mind
Living blind 
Pointing fingers
Nothing and 

No one is right
Will we ever 
Get it together

Or forever be victims

Of each other

Verse 2
A president 

That if he weren't
Would be enemy one
Leading us toward
And end that just
Can't be undone
A country divided 
That should be as one
Falling apart 
While fighting 
To stay alive
Losing it's
Collective mind

One day at a time
Like blind sheep
Puppets on a string
Becoming exactly
What we are told to be
As we daily 
Become the greatest show 
The elite has ever seen

Verse 3
We know

Nothing is working
Yet everyday
It's the same old thing
The same old play
Only the names 
Have slightly changed
While another innocent 
For nothing
Is made to pay
For being nothing more
Than who they were 
Born to be
While in the shadows
A silenced dreamer
Has something to say
That will never be heard 
By anybody
Welcome society
To the truth of our toxicity


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