Be The Rebellion

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Be the rebellion

That needs to happen
In this world
Trying so hard 
To get to heaven
It is blind to hell
It already lives in

Hatred and idiocy 
Running and ruining 
All of society

A joke of a government
Lying to and screwing over

Fucking everybody
Laughing all the way
To the bank
As the supporters
Like good little sheep
Take to the streets


The world has gone crazy
None of it 
Makes any sense to anybody
A revolution
Through rebellion
Is screaming to happen
You can be the one to start it
But only if
You truly want it

Verse 2

Rebel through love
Instead of hate
Education instead
Of destruction
Instead of more problems
And logic 
Over insanity
Rebel and set others free
By being the change 
We all need
In a world 
Gone crazy
And a society
Hell bent on 
No matter what
Following the crowd
Be the one 
Who starts the rebellion
Simply by not being afraid
To stand up and speak out





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