Greedy Society

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
Our greedy society
Plastic and fake
Taking advantage
Of anyone we can
To get things
We don't even need
Is what we have become
Will do anything

For our 15 minutes of fame

Insanity has become 
The name of the game
Oh how did we
Get this way

And faded
Our souls 
Have all but gone
As our bodies remain
We are carbon copies
Of who we were 
Never meant to be
Welcome to 
Our insane reality

Verse 2
Too much entitlement
Without any enlightenment
The clueless privileged
always expecting
Everything to be
Handed to them
While too much ignorance
And too little education
Has left us
Lost and hateful

Violent and rageful

Always fighting
With no real reason for
I don't think we can
Take much more





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