We Need A Change

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
In a world
Gripped by 
Hate and fear
Our judgement day
Keeps growing near
And to me it 
Just seems so clear
That we are all 
Going wrong
Oh why have we let this
Continue on so long

We need now
More than ever
To stand in unity
And work together
For a better future
Before bleak becomes
Our judgement day
Face it folks
We need a change

Verse 2
I am disgusted 
By what I see
In the world around me
People living 
On the street
While people 
Who claim to want peace

Keep fighting in greed
None of it makes
Any sense to me
Our fate is looking bleak
Why do we let this be


Verse 3
Children marching
In the streets 
Demanding their right
To just go to school safely 
Government still doesn't care
Yeah big shock there
Meanwhile the white house
Has become a revolving door
I can't even remember
Who all is still

Supposed to be there anymore
Somebody wake me please
From this nightmare

I just can't take it anymore


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