RIP Stephen Hawking

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
A brilliant mind lost
But never forgotten
Yes folks we truly
Did just lose
A great one
And somehow
Now the world
Just doesn't
Feel quite the same

A brilliant mind
So rare to find
He put other 
Geniuses to shame
As history will 
Never forget the name

That inspired so many
Stephen Hawking

Verse 2
So many 
Personal challenges
He faced head on

When most 
Would have given up
He kept going

Learning and teaching
Every single day
If only we could all
Find the strength 

To live that way


Verse 3
Stephen Hawking

The genius
With both wit
And wisdom
That should make 
Us all jealous
The world owes
A lot to him
So thank you Stephen
For everything 
You have done



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