Forsaken World

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The world 
in which we live
Is forsaken
Everyday we fight
For reasons 
A cause 
Long forgotten
Oh when 
Will we see 
The light

And the world 
Just can't see
The more we

Let it all be
The more we
Fall victim
To hate a greed
Open your eyes
Learn to see
Yes open your mind
And learn to dream

Verse 2
All we seem to do
Is kill at will
No respect 
For human life
Far too much
Of an us or them mentality

Leaving humanity 
With a gaping hole

Inside our souls
We must try to fill again


Verse 3
We try and fight
As hard as we can
But this battle

We just can't

Seem to win
For far too many of us

Were born blind
And lost within
Only to be cursed
By a world of sin


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