Lost In Self Imposed Purgatory

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Playing life
Day after day
Like it's nothing
But a fucked up game
What a shame 
Yes what a shame
Ones loss
Becomes our own gain
We take and we take
But it doesn't 
Take a way the pain
Killing us on the inside
We try to run
We try to hide
But are nothing more
Than lost souls
On the outside looking in
Fighting each other 
For a life we don't belong in

Lost within
Our own madness
We can't escape
We try but just
Can't get away
Welcome to 
The self imposed purgatory 
And hell we have created ourselves

Verse 2
We feel like shit
We just can't 
Handle it
So instead of 
Try and fix it
Misery loves company
As we insist 
On making others
The same way
While life 
We treat as 
Nothing more
Than a fucking game
And still we continue
To wonder everyday
Why nothing ever changes
And the nightmare
Stays the same
Sounds like society 
Needs a wake up call 
If you ask me


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