Insanity (When Will It End)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
I can't believe 
What I see
In the world 

Around me
So much pain
Hate and greed

Wolves lying
And sheep
Following blindly
We have become
Our true tragedy
Why do we 
Just let this be

Verse 2
The insanity
Of our corrupt society

Seems so bloody
Clear to me
How more don't see it
Is beyond me

But it drives me crazy
How the more
Tings change
The more they
Just seem to 
Stay the same
Makes no sense to me

Society always fighting

But no one is winning
So many people dying 
Little children crying
As their families
And War veterans 
On the streets are starving
The world is forever 
On the mend
When will this insanity end

Verse 3
Living in nothing
But hatred and sin
We are losing ourselves
Inside within
As with every fight 
And war torn night
The light of life
Is growing dim
We need change
And need it now
But where to begin
And can it still save us somehow



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