The World Must Change

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Look in the eyes
Of a child
And you will see
That we are 
Running out of time

To save society
And set the world free
From hate and greed

Before we let things 
Get so much worse
For everybody


The world must change

The way it lives
No more hate
Greed and regret
Learn to dream
And to see
Beyond the insanity
And see the peace
Waiting to set it free

Verse 2
All my dreramers 
Of the world
The time has come to rise
And fight 
To put things right
There are more of us

Than you know
No my friends
Not one of you
Are or will ever 
Be alone
And now it's time
To make ourselves known


Verse 3
Dreamers, believers
Outcasts and rebels
The world is calling us
Society is a mess
It needs our help
So my friends
Yes the time
It has come
To step out of the shadows
We will hide no more
It's time for the world

To finally be ours


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