Can Anyone Save Us

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Mind is racing
Head is spinning
Thoughts are running
Through my restless mind
So fast it's dizzying
Turn on the news
Big mistake
The pain on the screen

Just too much

For me to take
My soul screams
As my heart breaks
For the victims
Of the tragedy 
Of the day
Tell me please

Why do we 

Live this way


It's like I am living

In captivity 
Of societies insanity
I try to run and hide

But my poor mind

Can't seem to keep
From being attacked
By it's non stop misery
Anyone else need
A fucking break

Verse 2
Trying daily
To fight my way free
So I can finally be
And live as me
Chaos all around me
But I seem to be
The only one
Who see it
Any of it
The rest of the world
So oblivious
To the agendas
Of those in power
So insidious
Pulling the wool
Over the eyes 
Of all of us
Can anyone save us


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