The Truth Of Our World

Song Lyrics

 Verse 1

It's so sad to see
All the hate and greed
That runs todays society
We say we want change
We claim we want peace
And yet we are too blinded
By our own stupidity
To see that 
We ourselves
Our in our own way
Puppets on a string
Fools in a play

Is anything about 

The world today
Even remotely sane
Blind leaders
Leading blind 
Sheep following wolves
Welcome my friends
To the truth
Of our world

Verse 2
This madness
Is driving me crazy
Tell me how 

Is any of this 
Supposed to make 

Sense to anybody

And instead of 
Doing something
About any of it
All we do is point our fingers
And place our blame
At the easiest target
That we see
Tell me folks
How can we let this be
And still call any of us free


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