What Have We Done

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
For what's worth
Our great 
Planet earth

Keeps holding on

Despite what 
We have done
We live to fight
And we fight to live

Oh Lord something
Has got to give

Whatever happened
To forgive and forget
Or live and let live
How did we end up
Living in nothing
But hate and sin

Can anyone tell me
When our healing

Will finally begin

Verse 2
Love is true
In places too few
And yet somehow
We just can't 
Seem to bring
Ourselves to care
Beating each other down
While searching for peace
That is just never found
And we wonder why
Society is going 
Straight to hell


Verse 3
So many wars
The earth
And ourselves
Streets run red 
With the blood
Of innocent civilians
Far too many
Of them children
My God 
What have we done


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