Love Can Save Us All

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Nothing is as peaceful
As a flower
Except a loving heart
That beats forever
With each day
it's love grows stronger
It's love ceases never

True love is something rare
In this world
That is unfair
But trust me friends
It is always there
For it knows no fear

And yes it is everywhere

Verse 2
With love comes peace
Yes love will 
Set us free
Because it's 
All we need
To rid this world
Of hate and greed


Verse 3
Love will bring us
Together in unity
And make peace
A reality
To save all of humanity
And teach us
To live in harmony


Verse 4
Love will set us free
From madness
And insanity
Yes love will
Bring us peace
And save society
Because love is all we need


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Can you tell John Lennon inspired this one?!

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