Forever Shook

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Hatred and insanity
We look 
The world is so wrong
I am forever shook
An open book
But no one cares to look

All caught up
In their own bullshit
No one sees me
Or hell for that matter

A society 
That only sees
What it wants to see
What it's taught to see
I can't be the only one
Who wonders why
We let this be

Spread by the
Madmen in power
The ones we put there

Minds fucked up
Never clear
My God 
What have we done

Verse 2
Another day
Another nightmare
Another mess
For us to 
Fight over who 
Gets to clean up
As we argue over
Who is to blame
For fucking up
More and more 
Society daily
I hope and I pray
That someday 
We will learn

And find our way
Be we never do
Do we


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