Society's Hell (Brought It On Ourselves)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
I want peace
But the world can't see
It lives so blindly
And we just 
Let it be
It makes no
Sense to me
If we want 
To be free
Then first we must
Believe in peace

Yet this we 
Refuse to see

Can we really 
Save our souls
Or is that
Beyond our control

Does anybody
Really know
I don't think so

Verse 2
So we live in hate
With no real
Rhyme or reason
For living this way
Is it already 
Much too late
To change our fates
And save us
From all our 
Costly mistakes
Living life
Like it's nothing 
More than just a game

How did we get this way


Verse 3
The whole world
Just seems wrong
We are nothing
More than
Each other's pawns
In a game 
No one even
Asked to play
We have lost our way
And have become
Fools in a play

That is nothing more
Than a never ending hell
And sad part is
We brought it
On ourselves


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