We Are All Being Played

Song Lyrics

 Verse 1

Awake and wishing

We were still dreaming
Against the nightmare
We start marching
Sick of always seeing
On the tv 

Nothing but tragedy 
And insanity

A whole world
Of people 
Taking advantage 
Of everybody
Nothing is sacred
Everyone living in fear

Is anyone safe anymore


Chaos and conformity

The rulers of the day
While constant fear
Is the game they play
Too blinded by their lies
About keeping us safe
When will we finally see
We are all just being played

Verse 2
Fear tactics 
Used on a 
Daily basis
By our own government
As a way to control us
Fear equals 
Blind faith

And votes
We should know better
But nope

We keep falling for it

And their promises 
Of false hope
Face it folks
They have it

And they know it




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