The Cancer In Chief

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Another day
Another White House 
Sadly though 
Still not the one
We are hoping for 
The demon cheeto
The cancer 
So called leading 
Our poor country
Still remains

Today I awake

To another day
Of pure insanity

Just waiting for

The next tragedy
Letting Trump 
Play American King
What the fuck were we thinking

Fell for his lies
Fell for them 
Blind and hard
Hook, line, 
And bloody sinker
Say hello to your leader America
The demon cheeto
Our country's cancer

Verse 2
His campaign
Was right out of 
Hitler's playbook
Hell the only person

Who would have any reason
To be impressed with this 
So called man
Is Hitler himself
Yet he has so many
Sadly somehow 
Wrapped around
His little finger
They should know better
But as long as he 
Talks a good one

And lets them keep
Their precious guns
What the fuck
Do they care


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