A Peaceful Mind In Hiding

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
A peaceful mind
Looks out at the world
And asks herself why
Why do we hate so much
What is the point

Of hurting each other
What does any of it matter
Honestly why does
Anything matter

If each other
We are to continue
To pointlessly slaughter
She looks up

At the moon 
And stars high above
Looking down at us
In disgust
Are you as sad 
About the state of things 

As I am I wonder

Hiding myself away
Just to keep 
My soul safe
Not working though

I still feel the pain
You have forgotten
How to feel 
Long ago
Tell me society
With how far 
We have fallen
Are we even 
Technically still human

Verse 2
The world is sad
Society has gone mad
Hidden in the shadows
I spend my days
Hidden just out of sight
Just out of the reach 
Of the madness
But close enough 
To still feel

The pain and sadness
Plaguing all of us
Even though
You now seem
Too damn numb
To even notice
I weep for you
Yes all of you
And wish I knew
What to do
To save you 


Verse 3
Another day
Another act 
Of either violence

Of insanity
Another shooting
Or another twitter rant
Once again
Our greatest threat
We are taunting

While claiming 
They are still the cause

Of the threat 
They have become
Maybe we have become
Too numb to care

Or just too dumb
To realize our reality
But when the world 
Does come to end
Our fingers will need 
To be pointing as much
At ourselves 
As they are each other


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