Black Hole Rabbit Hole

Song Lyrics


Verse 1

The world 

Is a black hole

A rabbit hole

If you will 

Of madness

And depravity


Trying to 

Beat down


Just to make themselves

Feel better 

About a life that is beyond them

Everyone stressing 

About what normal is

They are blinded 

To the conformist state

Around them

Welcome to hell


Commander in chief

Don't make me laugh

A liar

And a con artist

Was taught to care 

Only about himself

And it shows

Turning us into 

A shit hole

We should have known

We should have known




Verse 2

Insanity growing stronger

The truth no longer

Fucking matters

We live in nothing 

But fables

Welcome to the 

Horror filled

Fairy tale

The king 

And his sons

Not so charming

Yet far too many

Around the country

They continue winning

Through lies

And straight up


Not one good thing about him

So why do so many still love him





Verse 3

Why we ever thought

A spoiled reality star

Would make a good president

Is beyond me

Now we are just drowning 

In his and our own

Never ending insanity

The country split 

Like never before

One side yelling

Four more years

While the other 

Is pleading 

Please God no more

Digging himself 

More and more

Into an insanity

Glory hole

The more he says

The less we know





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