The Collective Narrative

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

The collective 
Only telling 
Half the story
The half the world
Wants us to see
But not the half
We need to see
Telling us 
What we want to hear
Just to control us with it
Fear and lies 
Leading to 
Conformists confines
Tell me again 
How the fuck this 
Is supposed to equal
Us being free

Open your eyes
And your ears children
The truth you have been 
Blinded to 
Is out there 
Waiting for you 
To stand up 
And finally find

Verse 2

Lies and half truths

Believed more 
By the majority 
Of a perpetually
Lost society 
Than real truth

Looking them 
Straight in the eyes
Screaming hi!
Getting its way
Once again
Day after day
It's so insane

Yet we go with it

Never thinking

To question 
Any of it

Welcome folks 

To the world 
Of the collective narrative



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