When Common Sense Loses

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Parents marching 
For their children
Children marching 
For their fallen friends
While gun nuts
March for their guns

That just claimed 
The life of another one
A troubled child
Who shot himself 
Where was the concern for him

And where will it be
When it happens again 

Assault rifles 
Readily available 
To a trigger happy country
Who would rather fight|
For the right |
To own an item
Than for the rights
Of innocent lives
And children
Welcome to what happens
When common sense loses

Verse 2
A country in chaos
Too blind to see
The truth of it's own reality
Children dying
Parents and friends crying

Gun nuts still marching 
For their rights 
Not giving a fuck 
About lost lives
And children
Not meaning a thing to them

This is what happens 
When common sense loses


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eleven_eleven's picture

liked this. until there are

liked this. until there are national reformed gun laws - the problem will just keep cycling back around