The Madness Of Of Today's Society

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
All around us
As society keeps screaming

For someone to come
And help us
But no such help
Is ever found
As society

Once again 
Does fall down
And starts to drown
In the insanity

It refuses to see
If only we weren't
So content with living
So fucking blindly

Madmen telling us
What madness is
While true madness

Is killing us
One tragedy at a time
And not a day 
Goes by 
Without me 
Asking why

Verse 2
Another shooting
Another war
Without a single reason
What for
People fighting 

For the same madness

They have always 
Fought for
Without even 
Knowing why 

Just following orders
Going along with the madness

They have been told
Don't ask questions 

Come on now just do it
We have always done it this way






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