Not Who You Thought I Was

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Who you thought I was
Is not who I am

While you were busy
Talking about me 
Behind my back
And kicking me down
I was listening 
And learning from
Everything and everyone
All around me
Back then it killed me
Scared and controlled me

Now I know better

Am stronger 
And smarter now
Proud I survived 

You assholes somehow

Lost little girl
Shortest in her class
Not a true friend
To be had 
Scared to talk 
Or even be herself
Stronger now
Never again 

To be beaten down

Verse 2
I was one

Of the chosen ones
To be bullied 
Right out of school
Yes their were others
None of us 
Ever had a chance
Never thought 
I would get away
But get away I did
Best decision I ever made

Was to leave 
Find a place
That was right for me

Started over 
In a school

Where I no longer 
Felt like a stranger
I was home


Verse 3
You controlled 
8 years of my life
Even one year 

Was one too many

But that doesn't matter now
Because of the people
The friends
The life after you
That I had found
I may be stuck now

Back in town
But it doesn't matter
I am your victim no longer
And never will be one again
May not like being here 
But at least now 
I am a strong enough person
To hold my head up high
And be who I am 
Not who you tell me to be
And that folks
Means everything


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