Imagine Action

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
Something better
Than the world

You have seen before
The world around you
Sad and pathetic
Could be so different

Happy and friendly
If we actually 
Wanted it to be

Imagine how amazing 
That would be
A society of unity
Instead of hatred 
And insanity

Is it just fantasy
Or could it truly be
I don't know
But neither do you
So why not try for it

Give it a chance 
And see

Verse 2
Imagine no more corruption
Politians actually caring

About those they are
Supposed to be 
Driven by what is right

Instead of dollar signs

A world full of light
And all the love you can stand
Instead of darkness
And never ending hatred
Yes imagine it
Now get up and fight
For it to happen
Because it can happen
But not without action



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