Just Another Day

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Another school day 
Ordinary in every way
It's Valentine's Day
Couples walking 
Hand in hand to class
It's just another day
Just another day...
What the fuck
Wait what was that
Were those gun shots
Who are you 
What do you want

What did I do
It was supposed to be
Just another day

Another tragedy 
That will make the country
Openly weep
But will anything be done
To prevent it from happening
Once again

Not likely 
Welcome to our 
Fucked up reality

Verse 2
17 people dead 
On a day that is
Supposed to be
All about love
That is now stained
With innocent blood
All thanks to a punk

Who in the head

Was fucked up
Yet somehow still
Legally allowed to by
A powerful fucking gun
He lives 
They died 
It was supposed to be
Just another day
How oh how 
Did it end up this way


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