Cannot Be Undone

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Looking out 
At a world undone
By the insanity
Of a society
That has lost
All humanity
Carrying more weight
With people 
Than intelligence
A mob mentality society
At its finest
Always defensive
Never thinking
Brought this 
On ourselves
What have we done


Madmen finding

What mad is
Through hatred
And sadness

What we have done
Is what we have become
And now, cannot be undone


Verse 2

Our own worst enemy 

The madness of greed
Destroying mankind

One sheeple mind

At a time

Billions claim
Never understanding
What it actually means

They don't care

Welcome to the problem
And how the downfall
Truly started
Now spiraling
Out of control
Too late to listen
Well done my friend 
Welcome to the end



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