Thank You Sean!!

Verse 1
Sean William McLaughlin
A YouTuber loved by millions
Over 18 million subscribers
And counting
Known by most
As Jacksepticeye
The man who has become
The Irish apple
Of my eye
The boy wonder
That never fails
To make every single
One of his subscribers
Days better
Just by being
The beautiful person he is
His message PMA
Positive Mental Attitude
Something I believe
We could all use more of
Don't you
Like A Boss!!
He inspires
All over the world
To rock that PMA
All the way
Every fucking day
Making the world better
One video at a time
There is no one greater
Than the amazing
Verse 2
Jack a boy
Loud and proud
Makes people happy
Sean William McLaughlin
Sometimes evil (hello Anti)
But always beautiful
And totally wonderful
Youtube's Irish miracle
A free spirit
Who frees us all
From the madness
In our lives
Trying to make us fall
Always there when we need
A break from the
Insanity of it all
Believes in us
No matter what
A positive force on YouTube
If you haven't checked him out
You need to
He helped me
And he'll help you too
Because that is what he does
And that Jacksepticeye
Is why we all love you
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