YouTubes Wake Up Call

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Human decency
Once again
Called into question
Thanks to a YouTuber
Named Logan
Youtube lets it happen
Lets his shit slide
While actually good
Youtubers are demonized
For bullshit reasons
And yet they wonder

Why so many viewers
Have been bitching

Wake up YouTube
Your golden boys
Especially this one
Are toxic
Teaching childtren
Its ok to do 
The wrong thing
As long as they get views
Society is this really
What we have come to

Verse 2
Youtube playing favorites
With controversial brothers

No one should have ever
Had to know about 
It's everyday bro
How about hell no 
How about you 
Stop teaching kids
That being little shits is ok
And start there
Because I am sick
Of this bullshit
And if you had a conscience

You would be too

What are you thinking
If you are thinking at all
Better wake up youtube

Before you
Yes you finally fall


Verse 3
A refuge once
For people like me
Looking for videos

That made me happy
And feel free
Now you have turned
A good thing 
Into a wasteland
Of the worst that man
Has to offer 
Just to make a quick buck
Off of people who should
Never even matter

You could be better

But you don't care
And this why so many
Are now going elsewhere


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