Great Minds In Todays Life

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
The greatest minds

Are often lost
In a sea of conformity
Within a society
That often chooses

To be too blind to see

The truth of it's own reality

Insanity beating 
Us down daily 
Yet we barely
Anymore even seem
To notice

Lost in our own insanity
Victims of our own 
Lack of humanity 
Welcome to our reality

Lost in the shadows
Hide the greatest minds

Society will never know
Screaming to be known
Too afraid for their faces
To be shown
They hide 
As we all scream 
For the answers to why
We all seem to be
Losing our minds

Verse 2
Great minds laughed at 
Because they and their ideas
Were so different
The world not only
Didn't get it
But didn't want to 
Only to in the end 
Rely on those ideas
And wish they had

From the beginning 
Fucking listened
This type of story 
It's not new
But it is getting worse
And as society loses

It's ability to care
So too does the world
Lose the greatest minds
It will never know


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