New England Irish Strong

Verse 1
New England child 
Born and raised 
Until she was 8
Then everything changed 
Change of scenery
No longer in New England
Or a full family
Broken family
Broken childhood
Did everything
To make that best 
Of everything
That she could
But a losing battle
Is what she was fighting
It wasn't fair
But she knew
No one cared
If one day 
She just wasn't there

You can take 
The girl out of New England
But you will never take 
New England out of the girl
New England Irish strong
And proud of it
You can beat her down
All you want
But she will beat you all
In the end

Verse 2
No one to turn to
No where to run
She found comfort 
In isolation 
Her only solice
From the insanity
Of it all
And the chaos 
It was screaming 
In her head
By time she was 12
She wished 
She was dead
Couldn't take anymore
The bullshit about her

That was said
But onward she went
As to rise above the madness

She was forever hell bent


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