The Craziest Election

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
I wake up
In a daze
Wondering how 
Society got this way
Get out of bed
In front of the
Computer I sit
Bracing myself 
For internet bullshit
I go online

And see the news
It all just makes me
Never again want

To go outside
Daily frying my mind

Always making 
Me ask why
We as a society 
We asked,
We voted for this
And yet still 
All we do is bitch

We voted 
For who we thought
Would fix shit
And end our nightmares
Now over a year later
We are screaming why
How the fuck 
Could we have been so blind

Verse 2
Too deep 
Into it now
Not a clue 
Where to go from here
Wish we could
Take it back
But all we can do 
Is watch and cry

Wishing we 
Never were 
So stupid
To have even
Gotten here
While wondering why
So many are still
So fucking blind
The truth of our society
Is right before 
Our fucking eyes
Yet somehow we still
Choose not to see


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