Thank You Felix


Verse 1
Felix AKA PewDiePie
What an incredible 
Fucking guy
60 million bros
In the squad fam
Going strong
Different and crazy
Never fails to
Make me happy
Makes me feel amazing
Every time
I watch him
No one can inspire
And invite a smile
Like he can
60 million subs
What a milestone
Beyond well deserved
Thank you for 
Believing in us

Who can make you feel
Like a million dollars
When the world
Says you are nothing
PewDiePie can
And that is why
He is the king of youtube
The legend, the man
There is no one like him
Our hero Felix

Verse 2
This song is for the one
Who makes us all
Feel like we can
Climb mountains
And do anything
Bro army
Squad fam unite
To celebrate 
The highlight
In everyday 
No matter what
Happens in our lives
Pewds can make us smile
Like no one else can
And that my friend

Is pretty damn special
But hey that's our Felix
The one who 
Above all others
Makes us feel special
And worth it
More than any one can
Thank you Felix



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