Stronger Than You Think

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
You are stronger
Than you think you are
Believe you can
And there is nothing
That you can't do

Rise above
Any obstacle

In your way
When the world 
Says hush
Raise your voice
And let everyone know

What you have to say
Stand up
Yes make your stand
And show the world

That says one person
Can't make a difference

Oh yes you can

One person
One voice
One vision
One dream
Is all it takes 
For the world to see

How much better
Things can be

Verse 2
All it takes is one
Just one person 
To speak out 
And lead a nation
A world of difference makers
Just one person
To give a voice 
To the silenced
Hope to the hopeless

And renew the dreams
Of the dreamers

Hiding in the shadows
Of a world

That has become
So shallow
And hollow 
The shadows 
Seem more inviting
Than mankind itself
This shit has got to stop
And it only takes one

To stop it


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