Social Manipulators

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
Social manipulators

Sanity takers 
Need your attention
Your sympathy

Love and trust

Because they have 
No idea how 
To get it 
Any way else
Sweet talk you 
Beat you down
Make you think
Things were your idea

And in the end 

Tell you it's all your fault

Stand your ground
Yes take a stand
And don't fall for it
Believe me
It's not worth it

Social manipulators 
Always watching

Looking for weaknesses 
They can exploit 
While denying their own
Pathetic and sad
Please remember

You are better than that
And don't give in
No never let them win

Verse 2

Prey on you 
At your weakest
Make you feel 
Like you are nothing

But they are everything
Convince you 
That they can
Give you whatever you want
Seriously anything
While taking from you
As they continue to play you
For the fool

They have turned you into
Master manipulators
Trying to turn you into
Something you are not
This madness
Must stop
Rise above

Their craziness
And create your own world

That is worth living in





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