Insanity Reality

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
Fired up 
And fed up
With bullshit
Daily killing me
All this nonsense
Filling me 
With nothing
But Disbelief
For which 
I can find

No relief

Society blindly 
Following madmen 
Making pretty promises 
Never stopping to think

If those promises are really
What we want or need

Seriously society
What the fuck 
Are you smoking

Constant madness
Non stop sadness
Controlling society 
Driving us all to insanity

Brought it on ourselves
Yes we asked for this
Was it worth it
Was it worth it

Verse 2
No one ever
Wants to take


For anything
They just want to play

The blaming game
Pointing fingers
Making enemies
Neighbor against neighbor
Former friends 
Now at each others throats
Yet somehow we see
Nothing wrong with it though

Welcome to the new normal
On some level
We all know it's terrible
Yet no one thinks
They should be 
The one to fix it
I didn't break it 
Why should I have 
To do anything

So nothing gets done
As we all fall further 
And further down the rabbit hole
We have dug ourselves
Wondering how shit got this far



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