Society Needs More Positivity

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
The world today
Drives me crazy
More and more negativity
Poisoning society
So from now on
My goal is to live
With as much positivity
As I can possibly
Find within me
Because if all 
Humanity focuses on
Is negativity 

That's all we 
Will ever see


The world needs change
That's plain to see
We can't keep
Going this way
Be the change 
You wish to see
And make your mark today

Verse 2

Drama here 
And drama there
The whole wide world
Living in fear 
And sin
So much wrong
Where do I begin
What's the point
Of any of it
All it gets us
Is more and more shit
I'm done I'm sick of it
Going to raise above 
All of it 
Be part of the solution
Instead of the problem


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