The Evil Around Me

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Beaten down
By forces unknown
Surrounded by evil
I feel but cannot see
Voices in my head 
Feeding me 
Lie after lie
Making me 
Question myself
With no real

Reason why
Destroying me 
From the inside
Help me!! 
I think I'm 
Losing my mind

Dark thoughts 
And shadows
Closely following

Hating and screaming
I run but can't get away
What do they want
Why me, WHY ME?
Won't somebody help me!!

Verse 2
Wide awake 
Wide open eyes
Yet still somehow 
Too blind
To see the energy
Controlling me

Kicking me down
And pushing me
To be something 
I never wanted to be
Another demon 
Fucking other's lives
Just for fun

This is not me

Somebody help me 
Save me it's got me

I struggle but it
Won't let go
Now I'm all alone


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