Life Is Short

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Life is short 
And not to be 
Taken for granted
Blink your eyes
And bam it's gone 
You lose someone
And all that's left
Is regret
Is there anything

You forgot 
To tell them
Did you tell them
You loved them

Or did you just
Assume they knew

Life happens 
Things get
In the way
I'll see them tomorrow
But tomorrow never came
Now all we wish for 
Is just one more day

Verse 2
A missed birthday
There is always next year
A missed special day

There is always
The next one
Until you wake up one day
Missing someone
Can't put off 
Until tomorrow
If tomorrow 
Never comes
Better do it now
While there is still time
Before it becomes a missed 
Opportunity you regret
The rest of your life


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written in honor of a friend I just lost to cancer. I miss you Dean!!

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