Song Lyrics


Verse 1
A disconnected society

No one truly speaks
Or listens to each other

Any more
Two faced conformists
Saying one thing 
And meaning another
Online personas 
In real life 
Living as someone else
Both a lie
No one ever showing 

Their true selves
Hiding behind masks
They are conditioned to think

They need to be wearing
While blindly consenting
To be nothing
But puppets on a string

Masks hiding 
Societies true self
It's time we free
From this hell
It's time we take 
The masks off
And face ourselves

Verse 2
Hiding behind 
Each others bullshit 
That we follow blindly 
Just to mask our own
So we can
Look better to
A world of strangers 
Looking in the mirror
Choosing what facade
To go with today
A decision 
That has become 
Sadly as easily 
As what make up
To put on our face
Or what hat to wear today
A Masked society
Congratulations sheep
Tell me

Does anyone actually 
Know anybody


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