Lost In The Darkness

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
A world full of 
So much hatred
And so much anger
What's the point
Of any of it
What's the bloody point

Of living with so much darkness

In your heart
That it consumes 
All that you are
Do any of us 
Know who 
Beyond that anger
We are anymore

Lost in the darkness

Of a conformist prison
Called society
Rebellion is the only way out 
The one true key
But only for the willing 
To fight for a better life
Are you ready

Verse 2
Power and greed
Our minds 
And very souls
As we let it daily
Come up and take control
And tell us 
Just who we are
While humanity 
Keeps going nowhere 
As we keep bringing
On ourselves
More and more hell
Rebellion is our only way out

Are you with me 
Or are you forever lost


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