Song Lyrics

Verse 1
A word the defines
Far too much 
Of todays world
Dollar signs 
And social status 
Meaning more to us
Than the well being
Of our fellow
Human beings does
A president
Who doesn't
Give a shit
A youtuber 
Who thinks he can
Do anything

Because the world is his
I don't know about you
But when it comes to this bullshit
I sure as hell 
Didn't sign up for this

A world that expects
Everything to handed to us
Full of idiots 
Who think they can 
Get away with anything

Just because of 
Who they are
And we wonder
How the world 
Has gone to hell

Verse 2
People thinking
The first amendment 
Means they can say
Whatever they want
Without consequence
And that who they are

Means they can do
Fucking anything
Without ever thinking
A generation gap
Doesn't even begin 
To explain this shit
Villains of every age
Setting the stage
For hell to be 
Our reality 

As far as we can see
Yet we blindly
Keep fighting
In vain 
For the greed
That we so stupidly
Think we need



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