Fuck Your Normal

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Lost in a reality
That makes no 
Sense to me
Looking around
For any sign 
Of sanity
I don't see any
As I fight
The urge
To lose myself within
Drowning in a world of sin
I retreat inside myself 
As I pray for a way out
Conformist bullshit
Why do we even
Put up with it
Gotta run 
Think for myself
Fuck your normal
I'll be myself thanks

Verse 2
The man on the tv screen
Talking like he knows me
The me I keep being told
That I should be
Fuck that shit
Must run 
Must find myself
Must find a way
To set myself free
Being sold on
Every street corner
Telling me 
What I need to be normal
Fuck normal
I'd rather be me




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