Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Oh 2017 
After the nightmare
That was 2016 
We had such 
High hopes for you
Civil unrest
Terrorsits attacks
Mass shootings
Nazi marches
Fueled by racism
Oh America 
Where oh were
Did we go wrong
My God 
What have we done

A year of nightmares
We want to point 
Our fingers

But there is no one to blame
We did it to ourselves
Well done

Verse 2
The land of the free
That's what we 
Used to be
Now people are afraid
To leave their homes

And for the future
Of their families
That is what this country
Has become
Oh God 
What have we done
Are we proud yet
Are we still convinced
This shit will be worth it

Do we still really believe in it
Or have we come to our senses yet



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