Time To Set Me Free

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Down and out 
Pushed around
Left by the wayside 
And forgotten 
By wicked minds
Who by their own 
Madness are blind
Sick of wondering why

My fears feeding 
Their insanity
It's time I took my life

Ran with it 
And did what's 
Right for me

Need to find

My reason to scream 
My reason to shout
My reason to fight
My reason to be
I will be who I'm told
No longer
I will find the real me

I will set myself free

Verse 2
Silent in the shadows

For far too long 
Waiting for freedom
Waiting for me to see

No help is coming
Need to help myself
Ready to step out
Into the light
No longer a victim
Of insane minds
Ready to see
To what until now

I have been blind
Ready to do my life right


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