Dark Side Of My Mind

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Voices in my head
Won't leave me alone
I beg them 
To leave me alone
They just won't go
Demons screaming
All around me
I fight them nightly
Yet they remain
Driving me insane
Yet I always seem
To let them
Always screaming

Always calling
To me
I try to ignore it
Never helps
Maybe I'm wrong
Could it be
The evil is my friend
And I am the enemy

Verse 2
Trying to do good
And what is right by me
And the message 
I wish to convey
But life 
And the insanity in it
Always seems to 

Get in the way
Maybe me 

Ignoring the anger inside
Is what got me here

Maybe that anger 
Is here for a reason
And that reason is

Somehow to protect
What I hold dear


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